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Know more about free samples and freebies

Let us first discuss about the meaning of the word free. It means that something that is given to anyone without any expectation of return. If you are thinking of receiving free samples, freebies then it is possible now.


But is there an existence of free samples, freebies? The answer in one word is YES! In turn the companies offering free samples, freebies want something in return of it. Usually they require the complete contact information of the user or at the most simple level the email address. Their marketing strategy requires them to collect as many as possible users of their free samples, freebies.


Moreover, online shopping is far more dissimilar than onsite shopping, wherein you have to visit the store and make a purchase. But the main difference arises here is that they do not demand the contact information of the user, unlike free samples, freebies provider, instead the user only have to pay and physically take up products at their location. And one more unique difference is that the online merchant is situated far away from the current place of the user and further requires any other medium to send your items, goods to your destination.


On account of the merchant they are exchanging their product for free as free samples, freebies and also covering the shipping and handling charges on them, in lieu of developing a long lasting future relationship with them. The main concern why they try to attract the customers is that they think of establishing their business in the heart of the customers. And for achieving this opportunity they tend to offer free samples, freebies to the customers. In terms of the business they are buying their customers with the help of such free samples, freebies.


It is a deal of expediency for both the merchant and the customer that the merchant has to collect the contact information of the customer, generally they call it as place to send product to influence the customer. There in for the customer to receive the free item, he/she has to fill up the free offer, in terms of their business they call it as a signup process, which will force the customer to provide in their contact information to get the free sample or product.


In today’s scenario every customer has an intention to get things for free. Yet, more another strange point is that people consider the thing as free and don’t attach much value to it. Do you know the reason for this? Here is an example, where a man was walking along the sideways of a street offering free samples of shoes, which only a few of the people took. But when he started a sale of those shoes they were all gone in the hands in a very short interval of time.


The free sample and freebies are used as a motivator to get people to part with a commodity that in actual isn’t truly free. But the main goal of theirs is to build up a strong bond with the customers. There is no harm in this.

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( I have problem with my old hosting and just removed my stuff to HostGator. Unfortunately I lost my download file - more than 5 GB there - and have to set up it from ZERO. That's why I removed all the posting and page for the free download. After uploading the FREE STUFF I will post the links back... SORRY for that )

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how do you know if sites for ONLINE FREEBIES is real or not?

and can they say its free and it really not be?

what if i put a fake name just in case?

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Does anyone know how to get Michael Jackson Freebies that are SAFE to get? Please answer!?

I want all of this albums! And more!

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Does anyone know of a freebies website with NO CATCH and NO SHIPPING CHARGE?

Thanks to anyone who helps out

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