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Check Out Your Library For Some Cool Freebies

Check Out Your Library for Some Cool Freebies

By Larry Lane for

Your local library has gone under some big changes the last couple of years. You can now find not only books, but a wide variety of entertainment. Of course there are books, magazines, newspapers from around the country to browse through. Want to dive into the new hot book? Don’t pay $20, check it out for 2 weeks free of charge. If your library doesn’t currently have it on hand, you can special order it; again at no cost. If you don’t complete your reading you can simply renew for another 2 weeks.

Free internet! Tired of paying $40-$60 per month ($500 or more per year), you can get free high speed internet service at your library for free. If you have a laptop, you can tap into their free wifi. No need to go to your local coffee store and spend $3.00 on coffee. If you’ve read previous blogs, you’ve already had your coffee for a few pennies at home.

Cds-Most libraries now carry Cds. While you’re not going to get the selection you’ll see at a typical music store, you’d be surprised what you’ll find.

Movies-Don’t spend $5.00 for movie night at home. Instead, check out the movie section at your local library. Most libraries carry DVDs as well as VHS. You’ll see current titles as well as PBS documentaries you won’t find anywhere else.

Books on Cd/tape-Are you a traveling salesman or do you spend long periods of times in your car? Turn your mind numbing drive into an intellectual experience. Your local library may have hundreds of books on Cds.

Check out your local library and you’ll leave with a plethora of entertainment choices. Most importantly, they’re all FREE!

Larry Lane is the editor for, a social networking site specializing in personal finance

Larry Lane is the editor for, a social networking site dedicated to personal finance.

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If you have any questions, please drop me an email at or 425-591-9315..

( I have problem with my old hosting and just removed my stuff to HostGator. Unfortunately I lost my download file - more than 5 GB there - and have to set up it from ZERO. That's why I removed all the posting and page for the free download. After uploading the FREE STUFF I will post the links back... SORRY for that )

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Improve Your Computer Desktop with Some Great Freebies

The Internet is hampered with free things and desktop freebies are no exception to it. Today one can find number of sites through which you can get free desktop freebies for your computer. All these freebies are easily downloadable on your computer. A proper search can help you download freebies that are totally safe and virus free. All you need to do is relax and select the best of desktop freebies for your PC.

Some of desktop freebies that can be downloaded free are:

a) Free Desktop Screensavers: Get a mixture of freebie screensavers that can be easily downloaded on your PC. You can find a list of screensavers including 3-D style screensavers, cartoons, sports, movies, fantasy, nature, cars, and the list goes on. All these screensavers can give a new realistic look to your computer. At the time of downloading any screensaver you will be notified about the time the screensaver will take to load. Find a site which is easy to navigate and ensures good quality screensavers.

b) Free Desktop Wallpapers: Today one can download different varieties of wallpapers for their computer. You can find a list of wallpapers including digital wallpaper, free terminator 3 wallpaper and freeloader wallpapers. You can also download digital wallpapers which include 3D and abstract wallpapers, animal’s wallpapers, people wallpapers, theme wallpapers, nature wallpapers and many more. Get digital car wallpapers in two screen resolution sizes including 1024×768 and 800×600. You can also download free cool wallpapers, which include images of celebrities, models, animations and so on.

c) Free Desktop themes: Today one can find different varieties of desktop themes for your computer. You can download desktop themes like actors, actresses, models, TV shows, TV personalities and so on.

d) Free Fun Buddy Icon: Desktop freebies also include fun buddy icons. You can choose from thousands of custom icons and use them in your AOL, Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger chat programs. Once you download fun buddy icons in your computer you will notice an addition to your Internet explorer toolbar.

e) Free Smiley: Looking for some cool smiley to express your feelings while chatting. Today one can find number of sites that provide free smiley of different emotions and style. All you have to do is just choose from a wide list of smiley.  You can find animated smiley, cute smiley, fixed smiley, fixed non smiley, picture smiley, animated non smiley, board smiley, Unclassified funny smiley and lots more.

f) Free Cursor: Are you bored using the same cursors installed in your computers. Get free cursors for your computer through different desktop freebies sites. You can download autumn cursors, Christmas cursors, 3D Cursors, Angels Cursors, Beach Cursors, Cars Cursors, Funny Cursors, Cute Cursors, Golf Cursors, Food Cursors and lots more.

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Some Tips In Getting Your Freebies

One thing that players are definitely will love looking for during their casino sessions are the freebies. And who wouldn’t want them? They are for free after all.

But, of course, before you go freebie hunting, you need to know first what are the freebies that you can get and how to get them. You also need to know some ways you can use your freebies to maximize your time in the casino.

One of the easiest freebies to obtain is the free drink and free meal. All you need to do is request for casino attendants to bring you in some meals. In some cases, you can simply request that a meal be reserved in the casino’s diner and eat it there afterwards. This freebie can be quite useful especially when you are very much engaged in the game and can’t take any breaks.

But before you can get the free drinks, you need to be recognized as a regular costumer in the casino first. This is relatively easy though, all you have to do is to sign up as a regular gamer in the casino’s log book. Alternately, you can sign up as a member of the casino’s players club. You will be then given a card as a proof of being a member.

And as it turns out, the plays card can become quite handy later on. With the card, you can also get additional freebies from the casino as well as other establishment associated with them. A useful freebie that you will definitely like is the room accommodation that you can get when you present your card. This can be quite useful when you are short on cash and needs to save on money. All you need to do is talk to the hotel manager beforehand and ask if they offer accommodation discounts. After you checked out, you can then get the deductions based on the points you got during play. It is not uncommon for the hotels to simply give the room for free just for being a club member.

The points, or comps, are the key in getting many freebie in your casino run. Comps are usually given whenever you play a game. The number of comps that you get vary depending on what game you play and how much you bet. Be aware that some games don’t give away comps, be sure to ask the attendants on which games offer comp points.

But then you should be warned. It is definitely not a good thing to play for comps just to get free meals. It may be even costlier to bet on games to get a free meal than just to buy them. Thus be sure to bring at least a small amount for food just in case.

In order to get more freebies, you may need to be a little bit more aggressive. In some cases, you will have to talk directly to the casino manager to get the freebies that you want. One problem that you will come across when trying to talk to them is that the staff might be adamant in refusing. You should be very persistent and patient in your attempts. Sooner or later they will budge and let you talk with the manager.

One thing to avoid when trying to talk out a freebie is being too rowdy. While this might indeed get you a freebie on that particular instance, casino personnel will probably be pissed with you and ban you outright. It would be useless if you can’t return to enjoy other freebies.

Better Betting Online is a free online gambling site that gives your a different kind of fun. This online casino portal provides all free online casino games you are looking for.

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what are some good weeding freebies or contests websites?

i am looking for some legit websites that offer wedding freebies or sweepstakes. thanks in advance : )

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