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Will The Diageo Closure Kill Kilmarnock Fc?

Not really a political question, but Kilmarnock have got gradually worse in the last couple of years. Their attendances are shocking and that’s including all the freebies that they get with their season tickets – like family tickets, bogofs, etc.
The headlines about the diageo thing are implying that Kilmarnock will end up a ghost town. Do you think this will destroy the team?

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If I Am A Member Of One Casino And I Join Another Under The Same Brand Will I Be Treated As A New Customer ?

in the new casino ?
and will I get the new customer freebies ?
they are both the same brand but to play in them you need to join each one separately ?

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I Have A ’93 Sea-doo Gtx Without An Engine. How Much Will It Cost Me To Have Someone Put One In It?

I have boxes of parts from the old engine, but I’m not remotely inclined to work on an engine. If it was Jeep suspension, I’d be all over it, but not an engine.
I inherited this GTX a few years ago. I currently have an ’07 GTI, but my wife wants to have one of her own. I was curious whether it would be worth it to fix it up from the freebie value, or just try to find her a working newer model.

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Why Will President Bush Not Call Mexican Presidente El Caulderon And Tell Him To Stop Illegal Immigration?

Bush is willing to send the US Army and Marines, Air force, Navy into Iraq but why can’t he just make a phone call to the Mexican President and tell him we have had enough of this crap or we will stop all tourism, freebies to mexcio? This would be my first call as your President. Do I have any votes?

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