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World Of Freebies
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What in the world does ethics have to do with freebies was my first reaction when a fellow freebie hunter introduced me to the topic. As he took me through the tutorial on ethics in the world of freebies he had put together for me, I realized that well the guy did have a point. I have been conscious of my freebie fetish ever since and have strived to become a responsible freebie lover. Dramatic it may sound. For those of you still left wondering, let me explain. Freebies were unheard of before the internet became a household option. Today, the world of freebies is a thing of the past. In fact you would be surprised to know the number of people actually using freebies in their day to day lives.

How and why freebies are beneficial is a known fact. They are free products given away by companies, so make the most of them. But most of us on our crusade in laying hands fail to stop and consider for a moment that freebies exist for a reason. Why could companies possibly want to give away their products for free? There has to be a reason and there is. It is a marketing trick or venture as most companies would like to call it. Most of the times the products that are put up as freebies by companies will be of limited stock. Companies are taking this risk with the hope that their consumers will like the product and will purchase the products. But we as consumers are really not halting to blink before we click on the next freebie available. The website that offers you the freebies is also some person’s effort, at the end of the day. Having said this, let us go over a few things that we could keep in mind before we go freebie hunting again.

Firstly, make sure you need the product. Once established that the product will prove beneficial to you, think about the quantity of how much you need. Agreed that it is free, but leaving some for the rest would be the ethical thing to do. Now that we have established that, let’s take a look at restrictions imposed on freebies. Some websites impose restrictions on the age limit of people who can have access to the product. Being a responsible freebie lover, I suggest you should take these restrictions seriously and respect it. If access to that freebie would be a violation of the restrictions, abstain from sending for it.

While being the good guy here, let me impart another important value to all. Freebies are for the consumer to use. Having briefed you on the suggested moral code in the world of freebies, I have just one more thing to say. Be polite. Freebies cost us nothing. Being polite is going to cost us far lesser. I suggest the next time you leave a website after a good session of freebie hunting, leave a comment in the space provided for it, saying a small heartfelt thank you for having made you more freebie rich. If you have the patience then you could also come back after having used the product to leave a feedback note for the service providers. Companies advertise their products early on, on websites so that their product gains popularity and also to familiarize the consumers with the product such that next time the consumer wouldn’t mind as much paying for the product. They are also looking for feedbacks from customers who make use of their products so that they can correct faults, if any. So, be a responsible freebie fan and the next time you go freebie shopping, you know what to do!

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World Of Freebies

World Of Freebies

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